Manage users in organization

Add/remove user from an organization

Administrators can add or delete members on the Nulab Account's Member page. There are two ways you can access this page.

Via global navigation

Start by clicking your organization name or icon and select “Organization Settings”. You will be directed to the “Members” tab on the Nulab Account page.


Via settings page

Open the "Members" page, then click “Manage members” to be redirected to the members tab on the Nulab Account page.


Click the "By Email" button and enter the email addresses of the new members.  Invitation emails will be sent to them.  If you prefer to invite via other methods, click "With a link".


Clicking the 'Delete' icon next to a member's name will remove that member from the organization.


Manage user’s role

To change a user's role, first navigate to the Members page of your Nulab Account. Once on the Members page, click the checkbox next to the member you want to update. Then select the "Select Role" dropdown and choose the appropriate option. Click "Apply" to finish.


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