Migrate accounts from other chat services

You can easily transfer accounts from other chat services to Typetalk via bulk invitations function. 

Start using Typetalk 

To start using Typetalk, please view the plan details and create an account from our Pricing Page. Besides the freemium account, we offer 30 days free trial for our Standard plan. To learn more about setting up a new account in Typetalk, you can refer here

Import Account

  1. After setting up an account, is time to invite or import user accounts to Typetalk. To do so, go to Settings > Members > Manage members which will redirect you to Nulab Account page.
  2. On the Nulab Account page, you can import members account or invite them by clicking “Invite by email”.  By default, all account will be automatically assigned to the team which consist of all members within the organization - in this case, it will be “Awesome Tech Inc. All”. Team function allows you to easily manage and invite a relevant group of the user to participate in Typetalk topics.
    *Team name can be changed based on the user needs.

  3. Select “Upload CSV” icon next to email address input field.

  4. “Bulk members invite” dialogue will prompt. Simply follow the steps to complete the invitation. You can learn more about the steps for bulk invitation through here.
    *To import all the account from another chat service, please download the account details first and add this information to the Nulab invitation CSV template.

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