Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication overview

Two factor authentication is a way of verifying your identity before allowing you to access your account. It requires you to verify your account through two different mediums before allowing you to log in. Whereas the first medium usually requested is a password, the secondary medium usually asks for the input of some value only known to you - it asks for information that others would not be able to look up in an attempt to impersonate you.

Essentially, if you are concerned about the security of your company content, and you would like to ensure that it is not easy for other people to have access to your files, it is a good idea to secure your account with two-factor authentication.

How does two-factor authentication look like?

Our apps use a 6-digit code that changes every time the user logs in. This way, it cannot be replicated or memorized by a different user trying to access your files. Enter verification code after entering email and password to log in.

Manage two-factor authentication settings

Access Two-Factor Authentication settings, or click the settings icon in the left-hand bar, then click “Application Settings”.

Then, click “Edit your Account.” This will bring you to your Nulab account.

From there, click on the ‘Security’ tab. You should see a section called ‘Two-factor Authentication’. Since you have not done anything with it yet, its status should say ‘Disabled’. Then, you’ll want to click ‘Start Two-Factor Authentication.’ You can select to initiate the verification code process either via text message or from a mobile app.


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