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Overview of Nulab Account

A Nulab Account allows you to access Typetalk, Cacoo, and Backlog using one login. This means that users with a Nulab account can access not only Typetalk, but also Cacoo and Backlog with the same login credentials.

Edit your profile

To edit your account profile information, click the Settings icon in the left navigation. Then, select Account Settings and click “Edit Your Account.” This will take you to your Nulab Account page. On the Nulab Account page, you can manage your account details such as user name, unique ID, change of email address or delete your account and etc. 

To learn more about editing your Nulab Account profile, refer to Edit your account profile support article.

Did you know?

You will not be able to restore your Nulab Account after deletion. Your messages posted to the topics will remain, while your direct message conversations will become inaccessible.

Typetalk account settings


On the Typetalk Account Settings page, you can view the basic account details. On the account settings page, you can manage some settings as stated below:

  • User User Name instead of Unique ID for mentions
    You can use the user name for mentions in Typetalk by selecting this option.

  • Appearance
    You can change the Typetalk appearance to light, dark mode or use the same appearance settings from Nulab Account.
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