Enable email notifications

In addition to getting in-app notifications, you can also choose to get email notifications any time you’re mentioned.

Email notifications

To enable email notifications:


  1. Click on the settings icon in the side navigation bar. 
  2. Select the Notifications tab.
  3. Select when you would like to receive email notifications.
  4. Click the Update button to apply changes.

Email notification content 

Details shown in emails are determined by your organization’s email security settings. If the administrator opts to hide details, you’ll see a message when you select your notifications settings and will need to log into Typetalk to see the details of each notification email.


Here’s an overview of what you’ll see in email notifications based on your organization’s settings:

Email content

Show details

Hide details

Email title: Organization name, topic name, and who mentioned you  

Link to topic, direct message

Full details



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