Enable and manage mobile notifications

You can receive push notifications from your Typetalk mobile app by enabling notifications in the app settings.

How to enable and manage the notification settings

In the Typetalk mobile app, tap the hamburger button in the upper left corner of the screen, and select Application Settings to access the Notification settings.

Manage notifications

On the notifications settings page, you can choose the types of message notifications and easily manage when to receive them.

Types of message notifications

All messages

Receive push notifications for all messages.

Only DM’s and Mentions

Receive push notifications when you receive a direct message or when someone @mention you.

My Topics, DM’s and Mentions

Besides receiving notifications from direct messages and mentions, you will receive notifications for:

  • New message in pinned topics
  • New message in recently joined topics
  • New message in non-muted My topics group

Don’t show notifications

Do not receive any notification.

Always notify me

When this setting is enabled, your mobile app will receive notifications even when you are online in the web and desktop apps. If disabled, you will not receive mobile notifications when you are using the web and desktop apps.

Schedule Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb allows you to disable notifications to your mobile at specific times. You can easily set the Do Not Disturb timings, and change your timezone.

To learn more about Do Not Disturb settings, please refer to the What is Do Not Disturb article.

Other mobile settings

You can further manage the app notification settings based on your mobile app.

Sounds and vibrations

In the iOS app, there is no sound or vibration for notifications other than those posted by @mention.

In the Android app, sounds and vibrations depend on the "Notify for every message" setting.

  • ON: sounds and vibrates every time
  • OFF: sounds and vibrates for only the first notification (when any Typetalk notifications have already been shown, the app neither sounds nor vibrates.)

iOS notification badges

To learn about the iOS notification badges for Typetalk, please refer to the Notifications and badges article.

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