Enable desktop notifications

Desktop notifications

You can enable desktop notifications to alert you about new messages, mentions, and DMs.

To enable desktop notifications on a web browser, click the settings icon in the side navigation and select the "Notifications" tab. In the notifications settings page, select your desktop notifications preference and enable or disable sounds for notifications. After updating your preferences, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click "Update."

Useful tip!

For first time users who wish to receive desktop notifications, please go to your Typetalk settings menu, choose the “Notifications” tab, click on the "Enable desktop notifications" button and select “allow” when the browser prompts to allow desktop notifications.

Type of desktop notifications

My Topics

You will be notified when there is a new message in the topic that has been added to the My Topics group. Learn more about My Topics.


You will be notified when you receive a new direct message.


You will be notified when someone mentions you in the message (including @all or @here).

Show body message

You can choose to show the message body in the desktop notification. If this setting is turned on, you can see the text prompt in the desktop notification without opening it.

Play sound when you get a notification

You can select a notification sound to be played when using desktop notifications. While you are working on your tasks, the notification sound can help alert you to new messages.

To enable audio notifications, tick the checkbox for "Play sound for all notifications" and select your desired notification sound from the dropdown menu.


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