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In Typetalk, every message has its own URL link that you can easily copy and share with other users. When you share a message URL in Typetalk, there is a message preview that lets your team members view the shared message without needing to click on the URL.

As a best practice, we recommend that you use the message URL when sharing a message from the past or from a different topic, so that recipients can refer to the context of the message, but when sharing a more recent message from the same topic, you can use quote notation.

How to share Message URL

Follow the steps below to copy a message URL in the respective Typetalk app.

Web browsers / Desktop app:

At the desired message, click on the “···” menu and select "Copy URL" to copy the message URL.

iOS / Android app:

Swipe left on the desired message and tap the “···” menu. Select "Share Message URL” and select the “Copy” function.

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