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When do I receive notifications?

You will receive notifications about topics in your Topic Groups (unless they are muted), mentions, and direct messages (DMs) on Typetalk. However, the way these notifications are received differs slightly based on your device.

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View your notifications

To see notifications, click on the bell icon in the left hand menu. If you have unread notifications, there will be a blue circle attached to the bell. 

Notifications and badges

Typetalk displays notifications on application icons so that you can easily notice Mentions and Direct Messages. The displayed badges differ according to the application you are using, as listed below.

Windows/Mac App

On Windows/Mac, the number of unread Mentions and Direct Messages are displayed on the badge. If there are unread messages in your My Topics, they are indicated with a dot on the badge.

No updates to display

Unread mentions and/or DMs

Unread messages in your My topics

iOS app

On the iOS app, the badge number displayed depends on the type of push notifications enabled in your mobile notification settings.

No mentions and/or DMs or when the notification setting is set to “Don’t show notifications”

Unread mentions, topics and/or DMs

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