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Direct messages allow you to communicate privately with someone without creating a topic. They are useful for exchanging private or sensitive information that you do not want other members to see.

For example, DMs can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Communicating a password (Once you've saved the password in your password manager, don't forget to delete the message from your DM!).
  • Consulting with the accounting staff regarding expense reimbursements.

How to send a direct message 

You can send a direct message in the following ways: from the Direct Message menu or within a topic. 

Send from the Direct Message sidebar menu

  1. Click on the Direct Message icon from the sidebar.
  2. Search for and select the member you want to communicate with.

After selecting the member, you can type messages to them in the same way as you would on a topic.

Did you know?

You can only DM a user that is on a same topic with you. It is not possible to search and DM another member within the organization that is not on the same topic. 

Send from within a topic

  1. Click on a member's icon in a topic to see their profile.
  2. Click on Send DM to go to the direct message page with the user.


Direct messages have the following restrictions: 

  • DMs cannot be used with bots or integrated apps.
  • When the person you have messaged has left the organization or has been deactivated, you will not be able to view your past direct messages with them. If you wish to retain your messages with them, we recommend using topics for your communication.
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