Integrate with Typetalk

You can easily integrate with Typetalk – Nulab chat service to receive issues’ events notifications in Typetalk. To set up this integration, you must have an account in Typetalk. 

Did you know?

Only administrators or project administrators can set up the integration. 

Setting up the integration

To add the integration, on the project settings, integration page, select Settings on Typetalk section. 

On the Typetalk integration settings page, select Add Typetalk integration to add an integration. It will navigate you to the Typetalk page and requesting for integration permission. Select a Typetalk topic that you wish to receive the project’s notifications and finish the step by clicking Authorize

Once the topic has been integrated, it will navigate you back to the Backlog setting page. On this page, you can further manage the event to notify by checking the box All events to receive all even updates from the project or further refine the events by checking on the individual events that you wish to receive notifications. After the editing, click the Save button to apply the update. 

Edit the topic integration

To edit the topic integration settings, click on the Edit button from the integrated topic on the settings page. After editing, click the Save button to apply the changes. 

Delete the topic integration

To delete the integrated topic, on the settings page, select Edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Delete button

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