Backlog dashboard overview

On the Dashboard page, it has been divided into 4 sections on the Dashboard: 

  • Projects you participated in
  • Your pull requests
  • Your issues
  • Recent projects activity updates updates


On this section, it will display all the projects that you are currently participating in. The project list will display the 5 projects that you have most recently accessed. To show all projects, click on the v drop-down icon

You can also quickly access the project’s function page by hovering over to the specific project and select the function page that you wish to access. 

Useful tip!

The administrator can create a new project by clicking the + button from the project section. 

Pull requests

If the project you're working on has Git enabled, you will see this section on your dashboard. You will see 10 of your pull requests (either assigned to or created by you) from all projects.

If you are in charge of more than 10 pull requests, clicking the v drop-down icon shows all of your pull requests in the expanded view.


On the My Issues section, it will display all the issues that you are working on across the projects. You will see the most recent 10 issues that you are working on. To expand the list, click the v drop-down icon

You can filter the issue list by either “Assigned to me” or “Created by me”, and based on due dates. 

Useful tip!

The number in the parentheses () reflected behind each filter and the due date represents the number of issues that currently match the specific criteria. 

Additional functions can be performed

From this section, you can further: 

Recent updates

This section displays all activity updates by all project members (including you). You can add comments quickly by clicking on the comment button or add star on the updates by clicking on the star icons

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