New plan vs Legacy plan

As of 8th of September 2017, we released the new Backlog domain - “”. The domain release is applicable to Backlog’s Japan and Global website users, please refer to the details below: 

For users who registered before 8th September 2017, you are considered as Legacy Plan users. If you registered your Backlog space on or after the 8th of September 2017, it is considered as a New Plan

How to differentiate New Plan vs Legacy Plan


Legacy Plan

New Plan

*Backlog domain

Japan -
Global -

Global navigation 

Only reflects personal icon

Reflects both personal and organization icon

Space registration

Before 8 September 2017

On or after 8 September 2017

*Please note that for Legacy Plan users who have already migrated to the New Plan, your domain is the same, it has not changed to For the migrated user, you can check that your space ( is on the New Plan as your personal and organization icons are both displayed in the Backlog global navigation. 

Did you know?

Legacy Plan users have the option to migrate from the Legacy Plan to New Plan. Please contact us if you wish to inquire about the migration. 
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