View files, commit history and file differences

After you have committed the changes in the Subversion repository, you can view files, keep track of commit history and file differences.

View files

On the Subversion page, you can view the details of the selected file. When you select a text file such as source code or HTML file, its contents will be displayed with numbered lines and colors. You can view the Original format, Open in browser or Download the file. 

If you open an image file, the image will be reduced to an appropriate size and displayed on the page, and you can also download it. 

Commit history and differences

On the Subversion repository browser page, you can view the file’s revision summary. There will be a list of paths updated within the revision, together with the date and time of the revision, the updater, and the commit. You can further review the file’s histories and differences too. 

Revision histories

By clicking on Histories, it will show the revision history of directory files in the repository including the revision version, updater, updated date, and the comment.  

Revision differences

When you select Differences, it will show the differences made between file revisions. In the viewer, you can filter which revision you want to compare. 

Blue highlights indicate changes made to existing code, red highlights indicate deleted code, and green highlights indicate that new code has been added. 

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