Manage subversion settings

An administrator or project administrator can manage Subversion settings such as create a repository on Backlog, set up to use an external repository by connecting them to Backlog or disable Subversion for the project. 

To access Subversion settings, go to Project Settings > Subversion

Did you know?

  • Only administrators or project administrators have access to project settings and can create a Subversion repository. 
  • Guest roles do not have access to the project’s Subversion function.

Create a repository on Backlog

When you create a repository on Backlog, the URL of the repository will be “https://[Space ID][Project key]”. 

Eg: https://[

To create a repository, on the Subversion settings page, select Create a repository on Backlog and click Submit to create the repo.

Useful tip!

You can check on the box React on issue reference and keyword found in commit log on the Subversion settings page to have referenced issues get a new comment linking to the version.

To access the Subversion repository, you will need to enter your “User Name” and “Password”. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, a special password is required when accessing the repo.

Use an external repository

If your company has already used a Subversion repository, you can use the existing repository that can be accessed externally via HTTP or HTTPS. You can view revision information and commit logs from the external repository. 

To link to an external repository, select Use external repository > input external repository information > Submit on the subversion settings page.
When using an external repository, the revision information and files are acquired through a network connection, and there will be some time lag to display this information on Backlog. 

Did you know?

Linking to external Subversion repositories is only available to the Standard plan and above users. 

Disable Subversion in the project

If you do not wish to use Subversion in the project, you can disable the function by selecting Disable Subversion for this project on the Subversion settings page. Once you have disabled the function, the Subversion function tab will be removed from the project sidebar menu. 

Did you know?

All the information in the current Subversion repository within the project will be deleted when Subversion is disabled in the project. After clearing the Subversion repository, you can create a new Subversion repository in the project. 

Exporting the subversion repository

You cannot export Subversion repositories directly from Backlog but you can export them with the svnsync command. 

Below is the sample for the steps on Linux OS:

#! / bin / bash
# Script to svnsync "Backlog" project repository.

if [$ # -ne 2]; then
echo "Usage: $ 0 [space key] [project key]"
exit 1;


cwd = `pwd`
hook_revprop = $ {PROJECT_KEY} / hooks / pre-revprop-change

svnadmin create $ PROJECT_KEY
echo'#! / Bin / sh'> $ hook_revprop
echo'exit 0'>> $ hook_revprop
chmod + x $ hook_revprop

svnsync init file: // $ {cwd} / $ {PROJECT_KEY} https: // $ {SPACE_KEY}${PROJECT_KEY}
svnsync sync file: // $ {cwd} / $ {PROJECT_KEY}
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