Comment on pull requests

Similar to adding comments on issues, you can comment on pull requests for discussions and send notifications to other members.

Click on the Comment tab in the pull request’s details page and type in your comment. You can also click on Attach File to access the file attachments function.

Using @mention in pull request comment

You can use the @mention function to notify another member or team in the comment.

Simply enter @ (alias) followed by the member’s Unique ID in the text box. Please refer to the Notify members support article for more information on using @mention.

Useful tip!

Replying to pull request-related emails from Backlog will not post to the comments section, unlike replying to issue-related emails where it automatically posts to the comment section.

Comment on code

Comments can also be added to a specific section of code. 

  1. Click on the Files tab to show the code changes for each file.
  2. Hover over any line of code, a Star icon and comment button will appear. Click the Star icon to add a star to the pull request, or click the comment button to add a comment for that line.
  3. Enter your comment, @mention or select the members to be notified, and click Submit
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