Commit history


The repository’s commit history is shown at the Commits tab of the repository browser.

  1. Select branches from the dropdown menu to view their commit history.
  2. Click on each commit to view its details.

Commit details

The commit details page shows the updated files in the commit, when it was updated, the author of the commit, and the commit message.

  1. The commit author and the date of the commit are shown here.
  2. The commit message is shown here.
  3. Click on Show differences to see the revisions made to the file in this commit. It is shown by default.
  4. Click on History to see the history of commits for the specified file.
  5. To open the file in your browser, click on Open in browser.
  6. Click on the Clipboard icon to copy the link to this commit details page. You can paste it within the Backlog project to link to this page.
  7. Click View file to access the File differences page for comparing file commit changes. See the File differences support article.

Did you know?

For opening the file in your browser, if you have enabled 2FA (two-factor authentication), you will need to enter the special password generated in your Backlog personal settings.

Network chart

The Network (a.k.a. Git graph) visualizes the history of branch commits and merges in chronological order on a chart.

It allows you to easily check the status of the repository by seeing which member made a commit recently or how the branches diverged and merged.

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