Git size limits

If you are working with large files in your Git repository or the total size of your repository is large, you may face issues performing Git commands such as git cloning the repository or git pushing files. To prevent such issues, we have set size limits for Git repositories and Git files in Backlog. 

Size limits

Maximum file size is 100MB

Each file size will be limited to 100MB. If the size of the file exceeds this limit, you will receive an error message and the push will be rejected. 

Maximum git repository size is 10GB

The total git repository size will be limited to 10GB. Warnings and error messages will be alerted to you as your repository size grows, to help ensure that you are aware of reaching or approaching the size limits. If the repository size exceeds this limit, git pushes will be rejected.

To learn more about the different alerts, error messages, and how to resolve issues related to Git file size or repository size limits, please refer to the Git size errors and resolutions support article.

Examine the size of a single repository

To view the total size of the repositories within a project, go to Global Navigation > Personal Icon > Space Settings, and click on Disk Usage. 

To further examine the size of a single repository created in the project, you can clone and check it in your local computer with the terminal commands below:

  1. Clone your repository
    git clone [https url of your repository]

  2. Change your current working directory to the repository
    cd [directory of your repository]

  3. Pull all remote branches to your local repository
    git pull

  4. Check the size of the .git directory
    du -sh .git 

Did you know?

Any pushes that result in a repository size greater than 10GB are blocked. For suggested resolutions, please refer to the Git size errors and resolutions or Git LFS support articles.
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