Wiki versioning

Whenever a wiki page is updated, it is saved automatically as a new version. 

You can access versions of the wiki page via its history, and compare versions to see what’s been changed, and restore older versions.

View wiki page history

To view the history of updates made to a wiki page, click on the page menu button and select History.

In the wiki page’s history, you can see all the versions of the wiki page, when they were updated, and by who.

Compare wiki page versions

At the wiki page’s history, click on Compare difference with previous version to use the wiki page comparison feature.

Compare different versions of the wiki page by selecting them in the dropdown menus, and click Show differences.

Parts of the wiki page will be highlighted accordingly:

  • Green — added part
  • Pink — deleted part
  • Blue — changed part

Restore older version

To restore an older version of a wiki page, you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Click on the version number at the wiki page’s history, or:
  2. Click on the version number at the comparison page.

The older version of the wiki page will be displayed in its entirety, along with its date and time details. To restore its content, click on Restore this version. 

The older version will be restored as a new version while retaining all histories of the wiki page.

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