Using Wiki tags and tree view

How to use wiki tags

Wiki tags are useful for categorizing wiki pages, and you can also search the project wiki by tags.

To tag a wiki page, you can use the following ways:

  1. Enclose the tags in square brackets and place them before the page name. E.g. [tag 1] [tag 2] Page name
  2. Add existing tags to a page by clicking them while creating/editing the page.

When a wiki tag is created, it is available on the page and wiki sidebar for easy access. You can click on the tag to retrieve all pages with the same tag.

Did you know?

The Home wiki page cannot be tagged.

How to use wiki tree view

You can nest or branch wiki pages by using wiki tree view.

To branch a page, enter a slash (/) between the page names when creating or editing a wiki page.

Branched wiki pages in the tree can be hidden or shown by clicking ▶.

Did you know?

To use wiki tree view, project administrators need to enable tree view at the project’s general settings. See the Create project and manage general settings support article for more information.
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