Attach files and images to wiki

On the wiki page, files and images can be attached and displayed with the wiki content. 

Ways of attaching files

Files and images can be attached to wiki pages with the methods below.

Method 1: Attach while editing your wiki

If you are editing your wiki, you can attach the image or file directly from the edit mode. To attach an image, drag and drop your image or files in the Attach File field or Select File(s).

Method 2: Attach from the wiki page

  1. Click on Attach File.
  2. Drag and drop the files or Select File(s) from your computer.

Attached files and images are listed at the bottom of each wiki page and can be downloaded, or displayed (for images only). To display images on a wiki page, see the section on Display attached image in wiki below.

Did you know?

There are file size limits for attaching files and images to wiki pages. Please see Compare plans on the pricing page for more information.

Methods 3: Link to shared file 

If you have file(s) in shared Files, you can add a link to them on the wiki page with the steps below:

  1. Click on the page menu button and select Link to Shared File.
  2. Browse files and check the box to select the file(s) to be linked.
  3. Click on Link Selected File(s) to submit.

The links to shared files will be listed at the bottom of each wiki page. Clicking on the link will go to the file in the shared Files page.

Ways of displaying attached image

When an image or file is attached to a wiki page, you can display the image or file link in the contents of the page.

Method 1: Add link or image tag

If the file or image has been attached earlier, to display image or files on the wiki content, you can add the image tag or link tag. On the edit mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Insert File icon.
  2. Select the file/image and click on Add Link Tag to add a link tag, or click on Add image tag to add an image tag. The respective tags will be added in the content of the wiki page. 
  3. Click on Preview to preview the page or Submit to submit the changes. 

Link tags will be shown as a text link to the attached file while image tags will display the attached image.

If you are attaching a new image during editing your wiki, the image tag will be directly added at the current cursor position.  

Useful tip!

If you prefer to insert the image tag manually, you can type ![image][File ID or file name] for markdown formatting, or type #image(File ID or file name) for Backlog formatting. 

Using markdown as an example, typing ![image][5719] or ![image][Backlog_Logo.png] will display the image.

The tags used are different based on the formatting rules (Markdown or Backlog) selected in your project settings. If your image appears as text instead of being displayed, it may be due to the project
formatting rules.

Method 2: Display attached image in thumbnail (for Backlog formatting rules)

If you are using Backlog formatting rules in the project, you can display attached images on the wiki page as thumbnail images.

When you click on the Insert File icon, the Add thumbnail image tag option will be available for image files, click it to add the thumbnail image tag.

You can also add the thumbnail image tag manually by typing #thumbnail(File ID or file name), for e.g. #thumbnail(5179) or #thumbnail(Backlog_Logo.png).

Did you know?

Projects using markdown formatting rules do not have the option to display images as thumbnail images.

Display attached image in original size setting

Attached images displayed on wiki are optimized for faster loading in the browser.

To display the attached image in its original size, go to Project Settings > General, check the box for Display images in Wikis in their original size, and Submit the change.

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