Update issue statuses and arrange cards

Boards help you visualize an overview of your registered issues across all statuses within a project. You can update their status by moving the card, or arrange them from top to bottom based on their importance or priority.

Updating an issue’s status

Dragging and dropping a card to another status column will automatically update the issue’s status.

Besides updating the issue status, you can update the assignee and issue due date from the issue card. Click on the assignee profile icon to update the assignee, and click on the due date to select a new due date. 

When an overdue issue is not in the Closed status column, a “fire” icon is reflected on its card to alert users. You can remove the “fire” icon by updating the issue’s status to Closed or change its due date.

Did you know?

  • All updates go live immediately — there is no need to refresh or reload to see the updates within the Board. 
  • The Resolved status will not eliminate the overdue alert icon. Only a Closed status will be considered as completed.

Arranging Cards within Status Columns

You can easily prioritize your issues within each column by arranging them based on their importance. 

When your team understands that higher up cards are of greater priority and importance, it's easier for each team member to know what to work on first. This helps your team to focus on the work that matters most and move issues through your workflow faster.

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