Issues page overview

All the registered issues within the project will be reflected on the issue dashboard page. On this page, you can filter and search issues, manage your dashboard view options, and perform other functions. 


On the issue page, you can: 

  • Search and filter the issues
    You can search an issue via keyword by entering the keyword in the keyword search box. Or, you can filter the issue with the search and advanced search function.

    Useful tip!

    Parent and child issues will be reflected on the issue page if the subtasking filter is “All”. You may find the child issues repeatedly reflect on the issue page. To eliminate this, you can filter the subtasking to Exclude child issue.

    Short URL
    You can copy the search or filter results with the short URL function.

    Save as Filter
    Save the search or filter condition and access the saved filter condition from the Filters listing from global navigation.

  • Issue Dashboard
    The issue dashboard will reflect all the registered issues. You can re-arrange the attribute column order by dragging and dropping the attribute to the preferred column.

    View Options
    You can further manage the issue dashboard view options by setting the maximum number of issues shown on the dashboard and items to display on the dashboard.

    Batch Update
    Perform an update on multiple issues at once.

    More icon
    You download the issue listed on the dashboard to CSB, Excel or a printable page

    To learn more about exporting issues, refer to the Search and export issue details support article. 
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