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If you are using Nulab chat collaboration product Typetalk, you can easily add a Backlog issue from Typetalk. This is useful when you are receiving feedback or having a discussion on the Typetalk topic and wanted to create that important task in Backlog based on the conversation in Typetalk. 

To create a Backlog issue via Typetalk message:

  1. On Typetalk, select “...” button next to the message you want to create a new Backlog issue and select Create a Backlog issue.
    Or, if you are selecting multiple messages on the check box, click on Create a Backlog issue located on the top of the Topic content
  2. Select Backlog Space URL, Project Name, and input Subject (issue subject). Select Post to create the issue.
  3. Backlog add issue page will pop-up in a new window. Input the issue details and properties, and select Add to add the issue.

  4. Once the issue has been successfully added, a notification message will prompt in your Typetalk topic with the issue key.

Useful tip!

  • Issue subject and Typetalk conversation URL will be inputted automatically when adding an issue on the pop-up window (step 3). 
  • When adding a new Backlog issue via Typetalk, a tag will be created based on the issue’s subject. Any messages that link to the tag will be updated and reflect on the Typetalk conversation preview on the Backlog issue page.
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