Add issues via email

By utilizing Add issue via Email integration, the issue can be automatically added and assigned to a member through email. This helps to keep your inquiry ticket organized and keep your team to stay notified whenever new inquiries/tickets have been registered. 

How it works

Sending an email to the registrant’s email address generated by Backlog will automatically create an issue in Backlog.

For example, forwarding an inquiry from your contact form (from your website) to the registrant’s email address will automatically register a new issue regarding that inquiry with its content, including attachments. Issue properties such as assignee, priority, issue type, category, due date, etc., can be preset and registered while the issue is created. 

Overall, the “Registrant’s email address” from Backlog work as a forwarding destination from your contact form or an email. Therefore, the organization in charge needs to set up the email system’s forwarding process by adding the “Registration’s email address” as a forwarding destination. 

You can also browse the history of the emails delivered to the generated email address on Backlog through the “Received email log” function for tracking purposes. Information such as the date and time the email has been processed, details about the successful issue registration, and the reason for unsuccessful issue registration. 

To learn more about the received email log function, refer to the Keep track of issue’s email received log support article. 

Useful tip!

Attachments from email or contact form will be added to the created issue. The number of attachments per issue and attachment size will vary based on your plan type. If any attachment exceeds your plan restrictions, the attachment will not be added. 

Setting up add issue via email

To create and generate registrant’s email address for authorizing add issue via email, the administrator or project administrator can set it up on the Project Settings > Integrations > Add Issue via Email settings page. 

Multiple registrants’ email addresses can be created and authorized to add issues for each project.

To learn more about setting up the add issue via email, refer to the Setting up add issue via email support article.

Did you know?

Only administrators or project administrators can manage “Add issue via Email” integration settings. 
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