Project home overview

Projects allow you to organize issues and tasks with a specific theme or initiative and collaborate with other members. On the project homepage, you can view and invite project members, view recent updates and have an overview of the current progress of the project. 

Project members 

1. View members

Clicking a member’s profile icon will navigate you to the member’s profile page, where you can view their recent activity or Gantt chart, depending on your Backlog plan. To view all the members within the project, select the Other Members (+number) icon, and a project members list will pop up. 

Useful tip!

When you select either your profile or another member’s profile, you can view the member’s:
  • Bio.
  • Recent activity.
  • Personal Gantt Chart.

To learn more about viewing member profiles, see the Search members within the Space support article.

2. Invite members

If you are an administrator or project administrator, you can invite users or add members to become project members. Members can only view the projects and related information on their participating projects.

To invite or add users, click on the Invite User/Add Members button located on the top right corner of the project home page.

Did you know?

  • Administrators and project administrators can add/remove existing users from a project. 
  • Only administrators or project administrator with invite privileges can invite new users to the organization and project.

To learn more about user roles, see the Backlog user roles and restrictions support article. 

Recent updates

1. Recent Updates

The recent updates section will reflect the activities of the members within the project. In “Recent Updates”, you can see:

  • Newly created and updated issues
  • Wiki updates
  • Comments
  • Uploaded files
  • Git or Subversion commit log

On the Project Home page, you can also:

  • Comment on the recent updates.  
  • Star a comment. You can express your appreciation by adding stars to the contributing project update.

2. View Options

Filter your View Options. Select View Options to adjust the filter. You can choose to view any combination of these updates on the project home page:

  • Issue
  • Wiki
  • Files
  • Subversion
  • Git 
  • Project

Useful tip!

  • Members can subscribe to issues from "Recent Updates" using the RSS feed. The RSS reader must:
    • Work with HTTPS connection
    • Work with Basic certification
    • Work with RSS 2.0 format
  • Recent updates can reflect up to 50 latest activities.

Project progress

On the project home page, you can also view your project’s progress. You are able to view the project summary by issue Status, Burndown Chart, Milestone, and Category. These allow you an easy-to-view, comprehensive insight into your project.

Useful tip!

Clicking on the issue status breakdown, milestone names, and category names will redirect you to the filtered issues page. 


The total number of issues, broken down by statuses, is shown here.

Useful tip!

If you have created custom status, issues will be grouped according to their status and color. 

Burndown chart

Burndown charts are displayed for current milestones on the project home page. You can view your work progress and estimate your milestone’s completion by using the estimated, actual and ideal lines in the chart.

Useful tip!

Enable charts in the project settings to use Burndown and Gantt charts in the project.

To learn more about how to use burndown charts, refer to the Update and manage burndown chart settings support article.


Milestone showcases the progress summary of each milestone based on the status of its issues. Progress updates of the milestone will also be reflected in the burndown chart. 

Useful tip!

  • You can import milestones to your Calendar (Apple iCal, Google Calendar) by clicking the calendar icon.
  • Edit the version or milestone by clicking the edit icon
  • To input a release note to a milestone, hover over the specific milestone and select the Release Notes icon.

To learn more about versions or milestones, refer to the Add and edit a version or milestone support article.


Category section showcases the progress summary of the issues in each category based on their statuses.

To learn more about issue categories, refer to the Add and edit category support article. 

Useful tip!

You can edit the category details by clicking the edit icon
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