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Task status helps you defines your current task progress in Backlog. For Starter plan and above user, you can add statuses within the project in addition to the existing 4 statuses: Open, In Progress, Resolved and Closed. This allows you to customize your workflow to fit your project needs within your organization.  

Useful tip!

Only Administrators or Project Administrators can manage the status settings. 

Add status

Go to Project Settings from the left menu and select Status. In the status list, you can view all of the statuses within the project. 

Select Add Status and it will redirect you to the add status page. Simply follow the steps below to add a new status: 

  1. Enter a name for the new status. 
  2. Select the color for the new status.
  3. Click Add Status button to save it.

Useful tip!

  • The new status will be available for every task within the Project. 
  • You can create up to 8 custom statuses within a Project aside from the 4 default statuses. 
  • Status name support up to 20 characters.

Edit status

To edit a custom status, select the status you wish to edit from the Status list and it will redirect you to the editing page. Once you have completed the editing, click Save to apply the changes. 

Useful tip!

It is not possible to edit the four default statuses — i.e., Open, In Progress, Resolved, and Closed. 

Delete status

To delete a status,  select the x button on the Status list page next to the status that you wish to remove.

Useful tip!

Default statuses — i.e., Open, In Progress, Resolved, and Closed — cannot be removed.

If the status that you are trying to delete is in use by an issue, a dialogue will prompt you to replace it with another status. After you have selected a new status as the replacement, click the Delete button to complete the deletion. 

Change status order

To change the order of statuses, drag the 𝌆 icon beside the status’ name and drop at the position that you wish to place it. 

Useful tip!

  • Default statuses are unable to drag for rearranging. 
  • It is not possible to place a status before Open or after the Closed status.
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