Customize issue types and template

On the project settings page, administrators and project administrators can add new issue types and create a template tied to the specific issue type. 

Overview of issue type settings

On the issue type settings page, all the created issue types will be reflected on the list. You can,

  • add new issue type by clicking the Add Issue Type button
  • rearrange the issue types order by dragging and dropping order icon besides the issue type name. 
  • view if the issue type is registered with a template. If an issue type have a issue template created, it will appear as “Registered” with a template icon beside on the issue template column. 
  • delete issue type.

Add issue type

To add a new issue type, on the project settings, Issue Types tab, click on the Add Issue Type button, and it will bring you to the issue type registration page.

On the add issue types settings page.

  • Enter the issue type name
    Enter a name for the issue type.
    *support up to 20 characters
  • Select a background color
    Select a background color for the new issue type. You can refer to the existing items and differentiate the current issue types with their background color.
  • Add an issue template
    The issue template can act as a reference or pre-filled template tied to a specific issue type. Issue template eases up the process when you need the members to follow a certain format when creating an issue or when an issue needs to be created repeatedly.

    Enter the pre-filled subject and description and click the Submit button to save the changes.

    Did you know?

    Issue template feature only available from Standard plan and above.

Edit issue type

To edit the registered issue type, click on the issue type name, which will bring you to the edit page. 

Delete issue type

To delete an issue type, on the issue type settings page, click on the x icon to delete the issue type. 

If there are issues with the issue type that you are trying to delete, the “Deletion and putting substitution of issue type” window will pop up. Select a substitute issue type and click Execute delete button.

Example of the issue template

Sharing below are a few samples of different types of issue templates.

Did you know?

All the description outlines below use markdown formatting rules. Please check your project settings for the formatting rules.

Bug template


## Outline of the bug
(If there is a test item of the test specification, write what it can identify)

## Reproduction method
(Reproduction procedure, write the procedure actually done.)

## Actual result

## Error log

Request template


## Request details
Specify the content of the request specifically.

## Other (Please delete this section when adding assignments)
- Please set up a person in charge.
- If there are multiple persons in charge Please add a small task after setting up the person in charge and set up the person in charge.
- Please be sure to set the expiration date.

User story template


## User story 
(Example: As an administrator, I want to manage the type of assignment from the mobile application. Because I often move while I am at work and I may be asked to add a issue type at that time.)

## Specifications · Screen design
(If specifications and screen designs already exist, describe their URL etc.)

## Acceptance test (administrator, project manager)

* [ ] The administrator can confirm the type of all tasks from the project settings.

* [ ] Administrators can edit all task types from project settings.

* [ ] Administrators can delete all task types from project settings.

* [ ] When deleting the type of the task already set as an assignment, a screen allowing a new type to be replaced is displayed. (The type of assignment is a required field)

* [ ] Administrators can add all assignment types from project settings.

## Acceptance test (general user, guest)

* [ ] General users can see the type of all assignments from project settings.

* [ ] General users can not add / edit / delete task type.

## Related tasks
- Add issue key here


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