Manage project members and teams

Project members are users within the Backlog organization/space that have been added into a project.

In Project Settings, administrators and project administrators can edit project members and teams, and set project administrators to help manage individual projects.  

Adding and deleting members or teams

Administrators can manage project members and teams on the Project Settings > Members settings page.

Adding members or teams

To add members and teams:

  1. Click on Select user or team and select the users or team you want to add to the project.
  2. Click on Add selection to project. Once clicked, the selected users will be added under Project Members.

Users will receive a notification when they are added to the Project. For more information on notifications, refer to the Global navigation overview support article.

Useful tip!

  • You can select Add Message below the add user or team section to send a personalized message, such as informing the invited user about the project, when they receive the email notification that they have been invited to the Project.
  • You can easily view the team members by clicking on the number of members beside the team name at Project Teams.  

Deleting members or teams

To delete members or teams, select X next to the user's name/teams under Project Members/Teams. Select OK in the pop-up prompt to remove the member/team.

Useful tip!

Deleting a member or team from the project or organization will not delete the member’s issues or their assignee details. 

Add a new user to the project

To add a new user to the project who is not currently in the space, select Add a new member who is not a current user of this Space. It will open a pop-up on the organization’s invitation page  where you will be able to select the user's role. Then select Next and enter the new user’s email address, and select Invite x Administrator/Member/Guest.

Did you know?

Only administrators or project administrators with the “Can invite members” privileges can invite new users to the Space.

Assign member as project administrator

In Backlog, only administrators have the privilege to create projects and manage project settings. For other members to manage a specific project, its settings and project members, the administrator can assign them as project administrators.

To learn more about user roles, refer to the User permissions and restrictions support article. 

Did you know?

Only a member role can be assigned as a project administrator. 

Adding project administrators

To add project administrators:

  1. Go to Project Settings > Member > Project Administrator Settings.
  2. Click on the “Add User as Project Administrator” box and select user(s) from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Add to Project Administrator button.

Removing project administrators

To remove a project administrator, go to Project Administrator Settings. On the list of project administrators, select Remove from Project Administrator.

Did you know?

By default, the “Project Administrator Settings” function is only visible to administrators. When the “Allow project administrators to manage each other” function is enabled, the “Project Administrator Settings” function will be visible to the project administrators. They can then remove other project administrators or assign a new project administrator. 
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