Manage subscriptions

As the plan administrator, you can activate or upgrade your Backlog license on the Space settings page. This will direct you to the Organization Settings, Plans page. 

Free plan users can use Backlog for free and the administrator can consider upgrading to a paid plan at any time. For trial plan users on Starter, Standard, or Premium plans, there is a 30 days free period available during your trial. To continue your access and use of Backlog after your trial, the plan administrator should consider upgrading the plan. 

Useful tip!

Only Members or Administrators with the Plan Admin privileges will have the authority to access and manage the subscription in the Space Settings and Organization Settings page. 

Manage your subscription

To access and manage your subscription:

  1. Go to Space Settings > Subscription section.
  2. Select Activate License (Trial plan) / Change Plan (Free plan) for the upgrade. It will direct you to the Organization Settings page with the upgrade pop-up menu.

To manage your billing and invoice, select Payment and it will direct you to the Organization Settings, Plans page. 

For further information on how to manage your plan and billings in the Organization Settings, refer to the Subscription & Billing support page.

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