View and delete projects

Only the administrator can view the list of projects created in Backlog on the Space Settings page. On this page, administrators can find projects, add projects, or delete a project.

To access the list of projects, go to Space Settings > Project. 

View and access the project

You can search the project by the project name or project key on the list of projects page. Selecting a project will navigate you to the specific project settings page. 

If you are not invited to the project, all the project settings will be hidden except the “General” and “Members” settings. To access the project and view issues, you can add yourself from the Member page.

By default, only active projects will be reflected on the list. To include archived projects, select Show Archived Projects, and archived projects will be listed in grey.

To learn about archiving a project, refer to the Create project and manage general settings support article.

Add a project

To add a project: 

  1. Select Add Project
  2. On the add project page, key in Project Name and Project Key. Select Submit to create a project. 

Delete a project

Deleting a project will permanently delete your project data, including all issues, comments, attached files, wiki, files, and repositories. 

To delete a project:

  1. Select x (delete).
  2. A dialogue box will pop up to re-confirm the project you wish to delete by requesting that you enter the project name or project key.
  3. Select Delete this project. This button will only be available when the project name or key is correctly entered.

Useful tip!

  • Project name and key are case-sensitive.
  • All project keys are in capital letters.
  • If you think you might use the project later or review them in the future, we advise you to consider archiving the project instead.

Did you know?

  • Once you select Delete this project, it will immediately delete the project without prompting another confirmation. 
  • Deleting a project will permanently delete the project data. This action is irreversible, and the Backlog team is unable to retrieve the deleted data.
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