Space ID

When starting a trial or registering a new organization for Backlog, you are asked to give a Space ID. The Space ID refers to your organization’s Backlog Space, i.e. the subdomain at Backlog, like [SPACEID]

The Space ID is important as your user will access the Backlog Space using the URL. For example, if your Space ID is “productive”, you can use to access your Backlog Space. 

Points to note when creating your Space ID

Below are a few points to take note when creating your Space ID. 

  • Space ID is a unique identity for each organization
    If the Space ID has been registered by other organizations, you will not be able to register it. An error will prompt indicate that “This Space ID has already been registered and cannot be used”.

  • Rules for naming the Space ID
    The Space ID must be within 3 to 10 characters which can include letters, numbers, and hyphens. 

  • Space ID is not considered as your Organization name
    Space ID and Organization name are not necessarily the same words or names. You can create different names for each. As an administrator, you can change your Organization name in the Organization settings page, but this won’t affect or change the Space ID.

    Did you know?

    Space ID is fixed and it is not changeable once it is created. There will be a fee imposed if you wish to change your Space ID. To get details about the charges, please contact our Support team.

Useful tip!

  • Consider coming up with 3 names as backups in case your first choice is unavailable. 
  • Think of a simple name that is easy to remember for your members, such as your organization name, your group/team’s name, or an abbreviation  of those.

What to do when you forget the Space ID

There are several ways you can consider to retrieve your Space ID: 

  • If you are the Space owner, when you registered the Backlog Space, you will receive a welcome email from Backlog. Simply find that email to retrieve your Space ID.

  • If you are a user invited to join a Backlog Space, you can find the Space ID in the invitation email from Nulab.

  • Contact the Administrator or Project Administrator that invited you to the Backlog Space. If you are the Space Owner or Administrator, and you have forgotten your Space ID and are unable to log in, please contact our Support team. 

Useful tip!

Bookmark your Backlog Space URL in your browser, or save your Space ID in a note that easily accessible by you. 
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