Manage users and teams

Organization admins can invite new users to the organization, manage their Nulab Account, and create and manage teams in the Organization Settings, Members page. 

How to access Organization Settings, Members 

To access your organization settings:

  1. Go to the Global Navigation > Organization logo > Organization Settings.
  2. It will redirect you to the Organization Settings page. Select the Members tab to manage members and teams.

Invite and manage users

User roles can be divided into three types: Admin, Member, or Guest. Admins have access to the organization settings,can invite new users to the organization, and grant additional privileges to different roles. As an admin, you can grant the “Invite Members” privilege to a member, or set another member or admin as the “Plan Admin” which allows them to manage plans and billing. 

Aside from managing user roles and privileges, the administrator can further manage Backlog user restrictions such as “Add issue only” or ‘View only” in the Space Settings. 

Please refer to the support articles to learn more about inviting new users and user roles and privileges.

Useful tip!

By default, all invited users will have a Nulab Account automatically created for them. If your organization subscribes to Nulab Pass and you are inviting users as Managed Accounts, please refer to the Managed Account support article.

Create and manage teams

Besides inviting and managing users in the Organization Settings page, the administrator can create and manage teams too. With the team function, you can group the members into a team and give them a department or project team name. 

Using teams helps an administrator to invite a team to a project quickly. Users can also easily notify teams about issues without needing to search and tag other users individually. 

Please refer to the Create and manage team settings support articles to learn more about creating and managing teams. 

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