Manage your personal and profile settings

If this is your first time logging in, locate your Nulab invitation email. It will redirect you to create a Nulab Account page. After signup, you can manage your Nulab Account profile, access to Backlog, and manage your personal settings..

Manage Nulab Account profile

With your Nulab Account, you can manage your user profile, including updating your profile image, setting your user name, and changing your email address and password. 

To manage your profile, go to your profile/organization icon from the global navigation and select My Profile.

Manage Backlog personal settings 

Besides Nulab Account profile settings, you can manage your Backlog personal settings such as your Backlog user settings and email notification settings. 

On global navigation, select your personal icon, followed by Personal Settings.

Useful tip!

To learn more about managing email notifications for each project, refer to this article
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