Domains or protocols used by Cacoo

For security reasons, you may want to limit the domains and protocols that your organization can access. Below are the domains or protocols used by Cacoo. 

Domains and HTTP request methods used by Cacoo

Cacoo uses the HTTPS protocol to communicate with the following domains. Also, you should allow the following HTTP request methods as well.


HTTP request methods:

  • GET
  • POST
  • HEAD
  • PUT

Protocols and communication methods 

Cacoo uses the following communication methods in addition to the HTTPS protocol.


Cacoo's live collaboration and notification features communicate using the WebSocket protocol. Thus, you should allow the WebSocket protocol communication for these domains.

  • *


Cacoo's diagram video chat uses P2P communication via WebRTC. If your network does not allow this communication, you may not be able to use the video chat feature.

IP Address

Please register the above domains in your allow list as we do not publish IP addresses.

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