Easily insert images directly from Dropbox into a Cacoo diagram or export various file formats and save them directly to your Dropbox.

Note: To import or export from Dropbox, you will need to log in to your Dropbox account when the popup login form is displayed, and allow Cacoo to have permission to access it. Login is required only for first-time access; subsequent access will not require a login.

Import images from Dropbox to Cacoo diagram

  1. On your Cacoo editor, click the Import icon from the tool menu and select Dropbox.
  2. Sign in to your Dropbox account at the popup login form.
  3. Select an image from your files stored in Dropbox.
  4. The selected image from Dropbox will be added on your diagram.

Export diagrams to Dropbox in other file formats

After connecting Cacoo to your Dropbox account, you can export diagrams in various file formats and save them directly to Dropbox.

  1. On the diagram, click the export icon on the top-right navigation area and select Export.
  2. Select the file format that you want to export as, edit the export settings, and click the Export to button.

Select Dropbox to export to it.

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