Google Drive

By connecting Google Drive with Cacoo, you can do the following collaborative tasks.

  • Import images from Google Drive to Cacoo diagram
  • Create, open, and share Cacoo diagrams from Google Drive
  • Export Cacoo diagrams in different formats to store them in Google Drive
  • Search Cacoo diagrams in Google Drive

Connect Google Drive with Cacoo

To connect Cacoo with Google Drive: 

  1. Sign in to Cacoo, go to the global navigation, and select the Organization/Profile icon. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. On the left menu, select Integrations, and you will see the list of integration options.
  3. Click Connect in the Google Drive section, and you will be redirected to the Google account login page.
  4. Login and Allow Cacoo to access your Google Account. Once Cacoo is connected to your Google Drive, you will be redirected to the Cacoo page.

Note: You must have a Google account to connect Cacoo with Google Drive. If you do not have a Google account, consider signing up for a Google account. 

Import images from Google Drive to Cacoo diagram

You can easily insert images directly from Google Drive into a Cacoo diagram using our import feature.



  1. On your Cacoo editor, click the Import icon from the tool menu and select Google Drive.
  2. Sign in to your Google Drive account at the popup login form.
    *This applies only for the first time you're importing from Google Drive. For subsequent imports, you'll not need to sign in again  
  3. Select an image from your files stored in Google Drive.
  4. The selected image from Google Drive will be added on your diagram.


Note: Import from Google Drive feature supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF file format only. 

Sharing and exporting diagrams from Cacoo to Google Drive 

Sharing diagrams on Google Drive in Cacoo format

After connecting Cacoo to Google Drive, you can share Cacoo diagrams on Google Drive. When you share the diagrams to Google Drive, it will be saved in the Cacoo file format. To do so:


  1. On the diagram, select the Export icon on the top-right navigation area and select Save to Google Drive from the drop down menu.
    *The Save to Google Drive selection is only available when your account is connected to Google Drive.
  2. A dialog will prompt. Select Share on Google Drive. A Cacoo file will be created in Google Drive.



  • If the diagram has already been shared on Google Drive, the text “Shared on Google Drive” will be reflected.
  • Only the first sheet’s thumbnail will be displayed when you view the Cacoo file in Google Drive. To view all the diagram sheets, please select and open it with Cacoo.

Export diagrams to Google Drive in other file formats

After connecting Cacoo to your Google Drive account, you can export diagrams in various file formats and save them directly to Google Drive.

On the diagram, click the export icon on the top-right navigation area and select Export.

  1. Select the file format that you want to export as, edit the export settings, and click the Export to button.
  2. Select Google Drive to export to it. 


Create, access and share Cacoo diagrams from Google Drive

Create Cacoo diagrams from Google Drive

You can directly create a new Cacoo diagram from Google Drive. To do so, on your Google Drive, select + New > More > Cacoo from the sub-menu. You will be directed to a new diagram page in Cacoo.

The created diagram will be saved directly in Cacoo and Google Drive. 


Access Cacoo diagrams from Google Drive

You can access the Cacoo files shared in your Google Drive and open them with Cacoo to edit them. 

To access your diagram, right-click on the Cacoo diagram file, select Open with and select Cacoo

Share diagrams from Google Drive

You can easily share Cacoo diagrams or their exported files in your Google Drive with others using the Google Drive share function. 

To share them, right-click on the Cacoo diagram file, select Share, and share the file by email address or link.

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