Easily import Visio files into a Cacoo diagram to:

  • Edit Visio files with others in real-time
  • Easily access your Visio diagrams through cloud storage from any computer

To import a file from Visio:

  1. Make sure that your Visio file is saved in VSD, VDX or VSDX format. 
  2. In the Cacoo editor, click on the Import icon from the tool menu and select Visio.
  3. A Dialogue box will pop up. Navigate to the diagram you want to insert, select it, and click Open
  4. After opening the diagram, your Visio file will appear within the Editor. You can then begin editing any of its elements using the Inspector and Stencil menus.

Did you know?

Cacoo currently do not support Visio exporting, but you can export your file as a .svg to use it in Visio.
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