Enable members to use Cacoo

Administrators can manage organization member access on the member management setting page. You can enable which members to have access to your organization Cacoo. 

Enable organization members to access Cacoo

To enable organization members to access Cacoo:

  1. Click the Organization icon on the top global navigation and select Manage members.
  2. On the member management page, you can enable or disable members. 

Did you know?

Administrators can enable and disable other members but can't disable themselves as only another administrator can disable another administrator.

When enabling members limit exceeds plan limit

A notification will prompt you to upgrade your plan when you have reached the user limit that your plan supports. Select Upgrade Now, and it will navigate you to the plan details page. Click Upgrade link to perform the upgrade. 

When organization members request access

Organization members can request access from the administrator. When members request Cacoo access, the administrator will receive the activation request via email and in-app notification. 

Activation request from an organization member

Activation request notification received by the administrator

  • Via email

  • Via in-app notification

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