Organization security permission settings

Administrators can manage diagram sharing functions from the organization’s security settings page. These security settings will apply to all the diagrams and folders within the organization.

Administrators can:

  • Globally enable or disable diagram security at the folder level.
  • Globally enable or disable creation of shared folders.
  • Restrict creation of diagram public links and shared folders to admins only.

Did you know?

  • The organization’s security permissions will supersede the individual diagram and folder settings. 
  • Only administrators can manage the organization’s security permissions.

Organization security permissions

To navigate to Security settings:

  1. Click on the Organization icon from the global navigation and select Settings
  2. Select Security from the left menu, and enable or disable the permissions. 

There are three sections of security settings, Sharing, Integrations, and Folders:

  1. Sharing: Manage sharing permissions. Toggle settings to allow public link sharing for the organization, creating shared folders, and managing public links in shared folders.
  2. Integrations: Manage integrated tools permissions.
  3. Folders: Manage settings for individual folders

Sharing permissions breakdown

Share diagrams via public link

Enabling “Allowed to share diagrams via public link” allows all members or just admins to enable the public sharing link at the individual diagram and share the diagram with non-organization users.

Admins and folder owners can further restrict what actions a user who accesses diagrams via public link can take:

  • Edit diagrams - Anyone with a link will be able to edit or update the diagram.
  • View diagrams - Anyone with a link will only be able to view the diagram.

Create shared folders

Enabling "Allowed to create shared folders" allows all members or just admins to create shared folders.

Manage public sharing in shared folders they own

Enabling ”Allowed to manage public sharing in shared folders they own” allows all members or just admins to toggle public sharing permissions in shared folders they own. 

Integrations permissions breakdown

There are three levels of integrations permissions:

  1. Sharing via Google Drive
    Allow members to share diagrams via Google Drive.
  2. Export to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Adobe
    Allow members to export diagrams to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Adobe.
  3. Access diagrams via third party apps:
    Allow members to use third-party apps (e.g. your own apps) to access the diagram information using Cacoo API.

Folders permissions breakdown

Integrations and sharing permissions can also be toggled via global folder settings.

Folder permissions:

  • Administrator: Set any permission except for disabled ones in General Security settings.
  • Folder Owner: Set any permission except for disabled ones in General Security settings. Cannot enable/disable public links for the folder if they are not an admin.
  • Folder Editor: Can only see the list of available permissions set by folder owners and admins.
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