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Creating lines

The Line tool can be found in the tool menu on the Cacoo editor:

Click on the Line tool will automatically default to the straight line and you can select other line options from the Line menu. 

After selecting your line, your cursor will change into a Precision Select cursor (+) that allows you to click and drag to create a line of any length on the target sheet.

To make your Straight lines vertically, diagonally, or horizontally aligned, press SHIFT while clicking and dragging.

Pressing the SHIFT key while creating any other line except for the Freehand line will create vertically or horizontally aligned lines when you drag upwards, downwards, or to the side. However, dragging diagonally while keeping SHIFT pressed results in lines that are identically curved.

Editing curved and elbow lines

The curvature of curved and elbow lines can be altered by clicking on the squares that appear when the line is selected.

The “elbow” in Elbow and Elbow rounded lines can be adjusted by clicking the center adjuster by dragging left to right or the beginning or end square up and down.

Connecting lines to objects

To connect lines to objects (e.g.: Shapes, Text boxes), drag the endpoint of a line toward an object, and its Line Style will turn a bright yellow.

Connect to shape

If the object is a Shape, you will see the Shape’s anchor points also become highlighted. These indicate the different points of the shape you can connect the line to.

The anchor point will turn red to indicate that the line has been connected.

Connect to a text box

You will not see any connector points if the object is a Textbox. The line will automatically connect to the side of the Textbox closest to it.

After the line is connected, it will adjust accordingly whenever you move the object around the sheet.

Useful tip!

Lines will automatically try to connect to connector points. To ignore connector points on objects, click Ctrl while you drag to create the line. Please note that the line will not adjust when you move the object.
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