Legacy accounts on multi-user plan

If you’re on Cacoo Teams or the Education plan, you will have two spaces: your personal space and your organization space.

Your organization space

Your organization space is where you will be able to collaborate with the other members of your plan. Diagrams in this section:

  • Are managed by the organization's administrators
  • Are only shareable among members of the organization (preventing any accidental leaks of important diagram information) unless they’re made [viewable by anyone with the link]
  • Are subject to deletion, transferred ownership, and moving between folders by the diagram owner or by administrators (for all diagrams)
  • Will remain in the organization permanently unless they are moved to the Archive folder.

Your personal space

If you registered your Team or Education account before 27/11/2019, you will have personal space option.

Your personal space is where you can work on independent projects outside of your organization. Diagrams in this section:

  • cannot be managed by organization administrators.
  • are shareable with anyone by email or by diagram link if made [open to the public by URL.
  • are subject to deletion, transferred ownership, and moving between folders by the diagram owner.
  • will remain in this space unless they are moved to the Archive folder.

You can switch between the two spaces easily from the global navigation.

Switching between your personal and organizational space

You are in your personal space if you see your name on the global navigation. If the organization's name and icon are shown, you are looking at the organization’s space.

To switch between Team and Personal space, click the space name in the global navigation, then select the space you would like to switch to.

If you belong to multiple organizations, all organization names will be displayed in the drop-down menu as potential spaces to switch to.

Checking your personal and organizational settings

Click Settings from the global navigation drop-down menu to check your plan details and update your notification settings, click Settings from global navigation drop-down menu.

The Plan Detail information section reflects organizational information or personal space information depending on which space you’re in.

Did you know?

Personal Space is only available for legacy Team or Education plan users who registered their account before 27/11/2019.
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