Create and connect Nulab Account to Backlog legacy space

Below is a breakdown of the settings and services available through your Nulab Account.

  • Update your profile details
    • i.e., name, email address, password, and profile picture.
  • Manage security features
    • i.e., two-factor authentication, login alerts, and login history.

Do you know?

The below instructions are for backlog legacy space – and domains only. Spaces created on the domains are already using a Nulab Account.

Create and connect your Nulab Account

Follow the steps below to create, connect, and use a Nulab Account with Backlog.

Step 1: Sign up for a Nulab Account here.

If you are a Backlog legacy user that does NOT have a Cacoo or Typetalk account, you must manually sign up for a Nulab Account.

Step 2: Connect Backlog to your Nulab Account

  1. Go to your space’s login page. Click the Login button under the Log in with Nulab Account section.

  2. The Connect to Nulab Account page will open. Enter your Backlog User ID and password. The box next to “Use Nulab Account information (name, email, etc.) on Backlog” should be checked.

  3. Click the Connect button to complete the connection between your Backlog space and your Nulab Account.

Connect multiple Backlog spaces

You can easily switch between Backlog spaces using your Nulab Account.

  1. Go to your Backlog space and click the more option on the left of your profile image.
  2. Click Connect your Backlog Space.
  3. Enter the Space ID that you would like to connect and click the connect thunder icon.

Disable your Nulab Account profile

  1. Go to your Backlog space and click on the profile icon and select Personal Settings
  2. In User Information, you will see that “Use Nulab Account information” is selected. If you wish to stop using your Nulab Account with Backlog, select “Use Backlog user information.” This will only allow you to use your Backlog profile to log in.
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