Credit card debit date and process

On the last day of your contract period, the following contract renewal fees will be debited (charged) from your credit card.  

However, we will make a provisional renewal payment from your credit card 6 days before the actual payment date to secure the credit limit from the credit card. Thus the provisional payment aids in securing and determining whether the payment is approved, as well as preventing service disruption if the payment failed to debit from your credit card on the last contract period.

If the provisional payment was not successful: 

  • Please check and update your credit card information
  • If the credit card information has been updated but the payment has failed, please contact the card issuer for more information.

Date of Credit Card Statement

The credit card debit date for the renewal rate may appear differently in the credit card statement depending on the bank. It may be reflected as: 

  • the actual debit date; OR
  • the provisional payment date (6 days before the actual debit date)
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