Manage billing and invoices

Plan admins can view and download the payment receipts, add notes for receipt, and change contractor or billing address on the organization settings plan page. 

Add notes for receipt or invoice

If you wish to add additional information to the receipt (e.g., VAT ID), you can add them in the “Notes for receipt,” and the information will be reflected in the receipt Note section. 

To add notes: 

  1. Click on Change link in the “Notes for receipts” section.
  2. Add in your notes and select Update to save.

View and Download Payment Receipts

We will send the payment receipts to all plan admins based on your billing cycle (monthly or yearly).  

You can view all your payment details and download the receipts from the Organization’s Plan page. 

To download the receipts: 

  1. Click on View all invoices at  the Last Invoice section.

  2. On the View Invoices page, select Download.

Do you know?

Invoices are not issued for credit card payment users. Only receipts will be issued for credit card payment users. 

Update contractor or billing address

Plan admins can register or update the contractor and billing address on the organization’s plan settings page.

To register or update the address: 

  1. If you are the first time editing the contractor address, click Register at the contractor address section
    To update your current address, click Change.

  2. Enter the details accordingly. If the billing address is different from the contractor address, uncheck the “Same as contractor address” and update the address accordingly. Click Change to apply the changes.

Do you know?

The billing address will be used to reflect on the receipt if the user has set the billing address. If not, the contract address will be reflected on the receipt. 
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