Stop subscription

Plan admin can easily manage and stop subscriptions on the organization settings, plan page.

In Nulab, the stop subscription function supports two different events as below. 

  • Suspend your current subscription
  • Stop/cancel the recurring billing

To stop the subscription, go to the plan settings page, select Stop subscription, and follow the remaining steps to complete the process. 

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How to stop subscription

You can suspend your plan or cancel the continuous billing in the Plan settings page. To do so: 

  1. Select Stop subscription.

  2. It will redirect you to the survey form to help us understand your experience and feedback about our product for future improvement. Fill in the form and select Unsubscribe.

  3. A stop subscription confirmation page will prompt. Select Proceed to complete the stop subscription process.

After the process is completed, the current plan details will only reflect the start subscription option.


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