Overview of Nulab Account

What is Nulab Account

A Nulab Account is your single login portal to all three of Nulab's collaborative apps — Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk. It's the place where you can manage your user profile, security settings, and preferences.

Create a Nulab Account

A Nulab Account is automatically created when you sign up for any of our apps. If you are a new user or have been invited to join and collaborate with your team on any Nulab products, you can create a Nulab Account here.

Access your Nulab Account

Log in to your Nulab Account and Nulab products

You can log in to your Nulab Account or access Nulab products from the Nulab login page or our homepage. To log in, please enter your registered email address and password.

When logging in, you will be directed to different web pages based on the following scenarios.

  • To the product app
    If you use only 1 Nulab product and 1 organization, you will be directed to the product app.

  • To organization list
    If you have access to multiple organizations, the organization list will prompt. Select the organization you wish to access and go to the organization dashboard to select your product app.

  • To organization dashboard
    If you use 0 or multiple Nulab products with 1 organization only, it will navigate you to the organization dashboard page. Select the product app you wish to access and click Open or Free trial to start a new product trial.

  • To account profile
    You will be directed to your account profile page if you have not joined any organizations. To continue to use Nulab products, create an organization to start the trial or request your organization’s administrator to invite you into the organization.

Useful tip!

You can directly access the Cacoo and Typetalk application page by clicking the “Log in” from the individual product page.

Switch from one app to another

You can switch from one app to another by clicking on the app menu icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Switch to another organization

Besides the app menu, you'll find your organization menu, where you can access organization settings, your Nulab Account profile, and log out. 

If you belong to multiple organizations, you can also switch between them here.

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