Migrate Nulab Account to Managed Account

Account migration function is available when you’ve started a trial or subscribed to Nulab Pass. The account migration function helps the administrator easily migrate the organization’s Nulab Accounts to Manage Accounts. 

Things to note before migration

Before you begin the migration, check out the Summary of account migration for an overview of the migration process and the restrictions during the migration process. Check out the Managed Account article to learn more about Managed Account and how it differs from Nulab Account. 

Administrators need to know the following before beginning the migration process: 

Users need to know the following to prepare for migration: 

  • You will be logged out from your Nulab Account when the migration process is initiated. After the migration, log in with your Managed Account and Organization ID. 

Administrator’s guide for migration

This section is the administrator’s guide for account migration. 


Migration steps

Follow the steps below to start your migration. 

Step 1: Select the account you wish to migrate to Managed Account

On the Organization Settings, Members page, select the user account(s) to migrate to Managed Account by selecting the checkbox beside the user name. 

Do you know?

  • Only Nulab Accounts that have email addresses with verified domains can be migrated.
  • The number of accounts you can select for migration is limited to the number of users you have subscribed to in Nulab Pass including any current Managed Account users in your organization. 

Step 2: Migrate the accounts

After you have selected the accounts, select Migrate existing and a dialog will prompt to show the total number of the accounts selected for the migration. Select Next and a confirmation dialog will prompt. Select Migrate to start the migration. 

Once you have performed the migration, a migration request email will be sent to the selected Nulab Account users to inform them about the migration and the migration steps. 

Do you know?

  • If the Nulab Pass subscription or trial is expired or suspended, the “Migrate existing” function and “Add managed account” function will not be shown on the Members page. 
  • If an account does not have the verified domain’s email address, or is a Managed Account or account already being migrated, it will be automatically excluded in the selection.

Check migration status

Administrators can check the migration status on the Members page. To check on the account migration status, select View > Account migration status

There are four different migration statuses as below: 

  • Pending
    When the migration request is sent to the targeted migration accounts and the user has yet to agree on the email for migration.
    The administrator can cancel the account migration request during this status by selecting Cancel below the Pending status. A migration canceled email will be sent to the targeted users. 

  • Migrating
    When the targeted migration users have agreed on the email for migration.
  • Complete
    When the migration process is complete.
  • Failed
    When the migration failed.
    An email will be sent to the targeted users to update them that the migration has failed. 

To learn more about the user’s migration process, refer to the user’s guide for migrating Nulab Account to Managed Account support article

Do you know?

  • You can change or sort the results with the Sort by function. 
  • It will take around a minute from Migrating status to Complete status. 
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