Login with SAML

If your account is a Managed Account, you can log in to Nulab cloud products via SAML.

First-time log-in

For new users, you will receive an invitation email from Nulab when the administrator invites you to the organization. 

For first-time login,

  1. Click Log In Now button in the invitation email. It will redirect you to the Nulab login page with the prefilled Nulab Organization ID.
    *You can also access the login page via your browser with the provided URL.

  2. Click on Login with SAML button.

  3. It will redirect you to another login screen that requires you to enter your username or email with a password. Please enter the ID and password set up by your organization.
    *The login display screen is the IdP login that has been set up in your organization.
  4. After you have successfully logged in, you will see a list of apps available. Please select the app you wish to access.

    Do you know?

    If the list of the apps does not appear or you have accidentally closed it, please select your profile icon on the global navigation > select Organization name > select more icon > click on the app you want to access.

    Useful tip!

    You can bookmark the URL for your next visit so that you can easily access your apps.

Subsequent login 

For the subsequent login, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Go to https://apps.nulab.com/signin and sign in.
  2. Login directly from the Nulab products page. 

In the login page, select Log in with Managed Account > input or select your Nulab Organization ID > click Login with SAML > key in your ID and password.


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