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Please note that Nulab Pass cannot be used as a standalone product. To get started with Nulab Pass, you need to at least set up an organization using a Nulab product (Backlog, Cacoo, or Typetalk) first. 

Follow the steps here to get started.

Step 1: Create an Organization

An Organization in Nulab products comprises information about your organization, including members, plan, billing and invoice, etc. This information is centralized in your organization settings, and it is applicable across all the Nulab products which you’re using. 

For new users, when you start a trial with Nulab products (Backlog, Cacoo, or Typetalk), you will need to create an organization. 

To create a new organization, please start a trial with one of the Nulab cloud products:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a product (Backlog, Cacoo, or Typetalk) you want to start a trial, click Start trial.
  3. It will redirect you to the product’s pricing page. Select the preferred plan and start a free trial.
  4. Once you have successfully registered for a free trial, an organization will be created and you can manage it in the organization settings page. 

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If you are an existing user who has already created an organization, please refer to Step 2.

Step 2: Apply for Nulab Pass trial

After you have created an organization, you can apply for the Nulab Pass trial. We offer a free 30 days trial for Nulab Pass. To start your trial: 

  1.  Go to and scroll to the application form section.
  2. Fill in the application form and submit. We will review your submission and provide you the Nulab Pass trial access within 3 business days.

    Information required in the application form:
    - Name
    Plan admin’s contact name.

    - Plan admin email address
    Plan admin’s email address.

    - Company Name
    The company name that registered for the Nulab Products.

    - Space Key
    The space key is a unique ID that can be found in the Organization Profile Settings page. It is a 10-character unique ID.

Step 3: Setting up Organization ID, SAML, Domains verification & Managed Account

Once you have access to Nulab Pass, you can start to set up your Nulab Organization ID, SAML authentication, followed by creating a Managed Account. 

To set up Organization ID, SAML authentication, domains verification and Managed Account:

  1. In your Organization Profile settings page, enter or update your preferred Nulab Organization ID. Nulab Organization ID is a unique ID that you use for SAML single sign-on login for Nulab cloud products.

    For more details on setting up Organization ID, please refer to Nulab Organization ID.

  2. Go to the Authentication tab in the Organization settings page and click Change to set up your IdP details.

    For more details on setting up SAML authentication, please refer to Set up SAML authentication.

  3. Next, you can verify your organization domains before adding users as Managed Accounts. To verify domains, go to the Domains tab and follow the steps to complete the domains verification.

    For more details on how to verify your domains, refer to the Domain verification support article.

  4. After you have configured the SAML authentication and verified domains, you can invite a user by creating a Managed Account on the Members page. Go to Organization Settings > Members > Add Managed Account.

    For more details about creating and editing a Managed Account, please refer to Create and edit Managed Account.
  5. After you have created a Managed Account, an invitation email will be sent out to the invitee to join your organization. 

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  • You must maintain at least one administrator Nulab Account in your organization to prevent losing access to your Nulab products in case you are unable to log in with SAML authentication.
  • It is recommended to create a team before creating a Managed Account. This helps you to easily allocate the user to a team while creating their Managed Account.

Step 4: Log in with SAML Single Sign-On

After you have successfully configured the SAML authentication, Managed Account users can now login to Nulab products with SAML single sign-on. 

On the Nulab login page, the member can select Login with Managed Account > input Nulab Organization ID > Login with SAML.

See Login with Managed Account to learn more about login details. 

Step 5: Upgrade your subscription

During the trial or after your 30 days trial, you can make payment when you’re ready to upgrade and subscribe to Nulab Pass. All you need is to add credit card details when you click on upgrade in the plan organization settings page. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. 

For more details about managing your Nulab Pass plans and billings, see Subscription & Billing page

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After the trial period, Nulab Pass features will no longer be available, and Managed Account users are unable to access Nulab products without Nulab Pass subscription.
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